Vautour IIN



The model

Brand: Special Hobby
Title: Vautour IIN ‘IAF All Weather Fighter’
Number: SH72410
Scale: 1:72
Type: Full kit
Released: 2019 | Rebox (Changed box only)

The real helicopter

Type Single seat attack plane
Manufacturing Country France
Dimensions Wingspan: 15.10 m, Length: 15.58 m, Height: 4.95 m
Performance Maximum speed: 1,100 kph, Range: 3,000 km
Weight Empty: 10,500 kg, Max. loaded: 21,000 kg
Engine 2 SNECMA Atar 101 jet engines rated at a thrust of 3,500 kg
Armaments Four 30 mm cannons, up to six 250/400 kgs bombs carried internally


General Description

A twin engined French-built attack plane that served Heyl Ha’avir (the IAF) for almost two decades, and scored unprecedented aerial achievements. Three models of the vautour served in the IAF: the Vautour IIA – a single seat fighter-bomber, the Vautour IIBR – a twin seat photo-reconnaissance plane and bomber, and the Vautour IIN, a two seat night fighter.

Development process

In the early 1950’s, the French Armee de l’Air asked for a single seat attack plane with air-to-ground missiles, for night fighting, adverse weather conditions, and for assault and air-to-air refueling. Despite the hardship involved, French engineers managed to plan a basic plane that came in three models, each slightly different, for each of the assignments.

The prototype was marked as model 4050, and was the most advanced Europe had known until then, with an improved and unique configuration. Between 1952 and 1955, nine prototypes of different models were built. The planes executed numerous trial flights, but the Armee de l’Air had a hard time deciding just what to order.

In the end, l’Armee de l’Air received 70 night fighting IIN models (which served until 1973), 40 of the fighter-bomber versions and 40 IIB models, which were retired in 1979.

Source: IAF