C-130J-30 Super Hercules

The model

Brand: Italeri
Title: Lockheed Martin C-130J C5 Hercules
Number: 2746
Scale: 1:48
Released: 2014 | Rebox (Updated/New parts)
Type: Full kit

Squadron 103 – The elephants

Nevatim airbase

The real airplane. Shimshon = Samson

Type Heavy Transport Aircraft
Manufacturing Country United States
Dimensions Length—34.36 meters
Wingspan—40.41 meters
Height—11.8 meters
Wing area—162.1 meters
Performance Maximum speed— 660 kph (at an altitude of 6,706 meters)
Maximum altitude— 8,000 meters (with a weight of 20,184 kg)
Absolute maximum altitude— 12,310 meters
Weight: Empty—39,094 kg
Weight 97 stretchers or 8 logistical cargo platforms or 92 paratroopers or 128 passengers and combat soldiers or 4 vehicles
Engine 4X turbo prop AE 2100D3, manufactured by Rolls-Royce, rated at 4,600 hp each
Year entered to service 2014