Dassault Mirage IIIC

The model

Brand: Italeri
Title: Mirage IIIC
Number: 2505
Scale: 1:32
Released: 2015 | Initial release – new tool
Type: Full kit

The real jet. Shahak

Type Interception and attack plane
Manufacturing Country France
Dimensions Wingspan: 8.22 m, Length: 14.77 m, Height: 4.25 m
Performance Maximum speed: 2,350 kph, Range: 1,600 km
Weight Empty: 5,915 kg, Armed: 11,800 kg
Engine SNECMA Atar 9 jet engine with afterburner, with a thrust of 6,000 kg
Armaments 2 DEFA 30 mm. cannon with 125 rounds each (not mounted when the plane is carrying booster rockets), external pods for detachable fuel tanks, missiles or bombs totalling 1,350 kg