Late Doghouse

The model

Brand: Tiger Model
Title: IDF Nagmachon Doghouse-Late APC
Number: 4616
Scale: 1:35
Released: 2015 | Initial release – new tool
Type: Full kit

Nagrnachon is a heavily armoured infantery fighting vehide fielded by the Israel Defense Forces .The Nagmachon evolved from the NagmaShot APC, which was based on Centurion Sho’t hulls from the 1970s and 1980s. Because of their elevated turret, Nagmachon has often been used to supervising, securing and escorting the D9 & D10 Caterpillar bulldozers in the urban battle zones and under fire. Also, Nagmachon is equipped with formidable side skirts (bazooka plates), and the rear side has metal annor plates which are hinged to tilt upward. That offers some small arms fire protection for disembarking troops. Nagmachon is equipped with four !S-10 grenade launchers. These contain ten grenades each of the CL-3030 type grenades, or smoke grenades. Unconfirmed reports state that other kinds can also be fired from these IS-10’s.The latest Nagmachon vehicle has increased a distinctive armored extensionapart on the top, called the doghouse. Nagmachon has reequipped with a very notable pillbox on top of the fixed supersbucture, providing all mund protection. This pillbox features shooting-slights for 7.62mm FNMAG machine guns as well as visionblocks, enabling the troops inside can shoot the soft targets. This latest feature makes Nagrnachon very suitable for the MOUT-tasks (Mission On Urban Terrain) and security patrols. Those features optimize its counter-insurgency operations but reduce itscapacity for the traditional mechanized warfare.