Lockhead Martin F-35I

The model

Brand: Italeri
Title: F-35A Lightning II
Number: 2506
Scale: 1:32
Released: 2017 | Initial release – new tool
Type: Full kit

The real jet

Type Fifth generation, multi-role stealth fighter
Manufacturing Country United States of America
Dimensions 15.7 meters, Height – 4.38 meters, Wingspan – 10.7 meters
Performance Maximum Speed: Mach 1.6 (1,200 km/h)
Weight Empty – 29,300 lb, Maximum Takeoff Weight – 70,000 lb
Internal Fuel Capacity – 18,250 lb
Engine Pratt & Whitney F135
Armaments Standard Configuration –25mm GAU-22 rotary cannon, two AIM-120 Air-to-Air missiles, two GBU-31 or GBU-12 JDAMs. Total weapons payload of 18,000 lb.
Year entered to service 2016

Source: IAF