Paint colors of the IDF & IAF

You should know that there are few colors for vehicles of the IDF and aircraft of the IAF. The colors have changed through the years also. I have made a selection of the following brands of paint; Ammo Mig, Vallejo, Tamiya and Gunze.

Colour table

  FS color Ammo Mig Vallejo Tamiya Mr Hobby Revell  
Faded Sinai Gray   A.MIG-066 71.142 50% XF-57 + 50% XF-60      
Light Sand Grey   A.MIG-067 XF-55    
IDF/IAF Green   A.MIG-068 71.126      
Red   A.MIG-049 71.003 XF-7 H-3, H-13, H-23, H-414 36  
Real IDF Sinai Grey ’82   A.MIG-131 71.142        
Real IDF Sand Grey ’73   A.MIG-132 71.141 H-85    
US Olive Drab   A.MIG-926 71.286   H-304    
Hemp     71.023        
Rubber & Tires   A.MIG-033 71.315   H-77    
Matt Black   A.MIG-046 71.057 XF-1 H-12 8  
Matt White   A.MIG-050 71.001 XF-2 H-11, H451 5  
Middlestone   A.MIG-200     H-313  
Light grey   A.MIG-201 70.885   H-31  
Tan   A.MIG-202 71.125 XF-59 H-310 88  
Light Compass Ghost Grey   A.MIG-203 70.615   H-308    
USAF Brown     71.125        
IAF Sand     71.327        
Dark Ghost Grey     71.120        
Dark Gull Grey     71.277        
Light Blue   A.MIG-249 71.328        
Light Grey Green     71.321