Britten Norman


The model

Brand: Valom
Title: Britten-Norman BN-2A IAF
Number: 48009
Scale: 1:48
Released: 2018 | Rebox (Changed decals)
Type: Full kit

Development of this versatile light utility transport aircraft and airliner started in the year 1964 at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight by Desmond Norman and John Britten – the founders of the Britten-Norman company. Nevertheless, the idea to design a small uncomplicated twin- engine commuter/utility aircraft suitable for short landing and take-off also on unprepared rough airstrips, appeared as early as in the year 1960 On 13th June 1965 the prototype BN-2 Islander made its maiden flight. Due to problems, its original Continental 10-360B engines manufactured under license by the Rolls-Royce company were later replaced with 194 kW Lycoming 0-540-E engines. The aircraft was designed as a high-wing monoplane with a rectangular cross-section fuselage and fixed tricycle landing gear. The plane could take a single pilot and nine passengers. The seats were arranged in rows one behind other, each accessible through doors on the left-hand and right-hand side of the plane. The first production plane conducted its first flight on 24th April 1967. Within a short time, it became very popular particularly with small airlines. In addition to passenger and cargo operations, it was also used as an air ambulance, in agriculture, aerial firefighting operations as well as in VIP transport. As early as in the mid-1969, the BN-2 was replaced by the BN- 2A version, which incorporated aerodynamic and flight equipment improvements plus enlarged cargo space with external access. The BN-2A referred to as Defender was used in a number of countries by armed forces. It was used as a light aircraft for utility transport, for emergency patients transport, the transport of persons, for patrol and reconnaissance purposes and even for antiguerrilla operations. More than 1400 Islander/Defender aircrafts were produced and are flown by approx. 120 users all over the world. Other versions included the BN-2B in 1978 and later BN-2B versions with turboprop engines. Islanders were also produced under license in Romania and at the beginning of the 1970s, manufacture was transferred to Belgium. In 1977 the Britten-Norman company was bought by the Pilatus company and completion of these aircrafts returned to the Isle of Wight. Nearly 750 Islander/Defenders aircrafts are still in operation. A curiosity to end with. The Islander is a world leader in one respect. This plane used by Loganair is known for operating between two airports – Papas Westray and Westray on the shortest flight in the world. The distance is a mere 2.7 km and the flight time is less than 2 minutes.

Name Original (FS) Ammo Mig
Oxford Blue 35056 0103
White 37875 0024
Black 37038 0033
Aluminium 17178 0211
Tyre 35030  
Exhaust Tubs 30111 0139
Light Earth 30219 0135
Heli Green 34267  
Dark Green 34079 0233
Sand 33531 0200
Light Blue Gray 35190 0210
Trainer Yellow 33538 0048
Leather 30215 0102
Grey 36231 0246
Zink Chromat 33275 0197
Light Grey 26440 0075
Interiour Green 34151 0220
Red 11400 0049
Signal Red 11310  
Signal Green 13591 0048
Signal Yellow 135.. 0048