The model

Brand: Takom
Title: AMX-13/105
Number: 2062
Scale: 1:35
Released: 2016 | Rebox (Updated/New parts)
Type: Full kit

AMX-13/75. IDF Army, Six Days War, 1967. Nablus

The real tank

Adopted by the French Army to replace their U.S. supplied light tanks, theAMX-13 was designed in 1950 by Atelier de Construction D’lssy-les-Moulineux, and produced by Atelier de Construction Roanne until 1987 with some 7,700 examples having been produced. The most striking feature of the AMX-13 tank is it’s oscillating GIAT turret. Rather than the gun pivoting on trunnions within the turret, a ‘sub-turret’ (and the gun) elevates within the rotating turret. This design eliminates the normally bulky mantlet/gun shield on conventional designs. and allows a lower overall height.  

Built into the turret bustle is an automatic leader fed by 2 revolving magazines holding 6 rounds each of ready ammunition, with a rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute. Although this feature reduces the number of crew required to ope­rate the tank. and certainly provides a formidable burst of firepower in an initia! engagement, it exposes the crew during the time consuming process of reloading through the roof of the turret. With a combat weight of 14.8 !ons and a crew of 3, the AMX-13 is powered by a 250hp SOFAM 8 Gxb 8 cylinder. liquid cooled gasoline engine with a syncromesh transmission providing 5 forward and 1 reverse speeds reaching a road speed of 60km/h. The AMX-13/75 is armed with a 75mm main gun- a weapon based on the Gerrnan L/71 used in the Panther tank- with 32 rounds and either a 7.5 or 7.62mm AAT-52 Tak coaxial machine gun with 3,600 rounds (with optional second AAT-52 on roof ring). This tank is constructed of welded steel arrnor plates ranging from 20mm to 40mm thick, with the engine located in the front.  

Of the 7. 700 produced, 3,400 AMX-13’s were exported broadly, and have seen combat trom Africa to Centra! America to the Middle East to the Indian Subcontinent. Operators include Alge ria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Chile, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, India, lndonesia, lsrael, ivory Coast, Kuwail, Lebanon, Morocco. Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Venezuela. The French Amy relired their fleet of AMX-13’s in the 1970’s, but they remain in service with many nations today.