AMX-13/75 IDF



The model

Brand: Takom
Title: AMX-13/105
Number: 2062
Scale: 1:35
Released: 2016 | Rebox (Updated/New parts)
Type: Full kit

AMX-13/75. IDF Army, Six Days War, 1967. Nablus

The real tank

Adopted by the French Army to replace their US supplied light tanks, the AMX-13 was designed in 1950 by Atelier de Construction D’Issy-les-Moulineux and produced by Atelier de Construction Roanne until 1987 with some 7,700 examples having been produced. The most striking feature of the AMX-13 tank is it’s oscillating GIAT turret. Rather then the gun pivoting on trunnions within the turrent, a ‘sub-turret’ (and the gun) elevates within the rating turret.