Alouette II

Aerospatiale SE-3130

The model

Brand: Heller
Title: SE 313 Alouette II
Number: 80479
Scale: 1:48
Released: 2012 | Rebox (Changed box only)
Type: Full kit

Squadron 125 – The light choppers

Sde Dov airbase

The real helicopter

Type General purpose helicopter
Manufacturing Country France
Dimensions Rotor span: 10.21 m, Fuselage length: 9.7 m, Height: 2.74 m
Performance Max. speed: 175 kph, Cruise speed: 170 kph, Range: 530 km
Weight Empty: 850 kg ,Max. weight: 1,600 kg
Engine Turbomeca Artouste IIC engine rated at 406 hp

Aerospatiale SE 313B Alouette II

Helicopter use by the IAF was still in its infancy by the mid 1950s, with only the light Hillers in service. In 1957 a delegation of Israeli officers was sent to observe the French usage of helicopters against the FLN rebels in Algeria, a delegation which included both air force and paratroops officers. Headed by the first helicopter squadron commander of the IAF, upon its return the delegation recommended the purchase of the Alouette II.
The first example to arrive in Israel was actually donated by a Jewish French woman on the condition that it be used for humanitarian missions only. It arrived in June 1957, transported by a Nord Noratlas and was given the serial 03. The donated Alouette was indeed used mainly for transport and evacuation, but on a number of occasions was used for more combative missions such as tracking infiltrating terrorists. For 4 years 03 was the only Alouette in service, until 1963 when it was joined by a further 3 examples from a failed local enterprise. A further dozen were purchased after the Six Days War of 1967, during which the Alouette proved its reliability and effectiveness. The Alouette II were phased out of service during the early 1970s with the arrival of the new Bell 206 JetRangers. They still took part in the 1973 Yom Kippur war, but May 1975 saw the retirement of the last nine examples, most handed over to Israel Aircraft Industries. IAI failed in its attempts to sell the old helicopters but this proved to be a blessing when Ezer Weizmann, former IAF commander, became Secretary of Defence in 1977. Upon his request for a helicopter that could serve him and that he could fly himeself, the Alouette II were returned to service. Two examples, 03 and 07, were salvaged from IAI and continued to serve the IAF until September 1982, when they were retired after spare parts began to run out. The last two Alouettes were flown to the IAF Museumat Hatzerim, where they are today.