Heavy armoured personnel carrier

The model

Brand: Meng Model
Title: Israel heavy armoured personnel carrier Achzarit Late
Number: SS-008
Scale: 1:35
Released: 2015 | Rebox (Updated/New parts)
Type: Full kit

The Achzarit Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is a unique conversion of the Soviet made T-55 tank. During the Six Day war in 1967 and the Yom Kippur war in 1973, the IDF captured a large quantity of the T-55 tanks supplied by the Soviet Union to the Arab Armies. Later, many conversions were done by the IDF in the captured T-54, T-55 and T-62 fleet, known as the Tiran 4, 5 and 6 accordingly, and these were parts of the Armored Corps of the IDF for many years.
Due to disappointment from the Soviet designed systems in the T-55 and lack of original spare parts and sources for procurement, Israel designed a new tank based on the T-55 and equipped it with Western and standard components for replacing the Soviet made parts in the automotive systems and the turret control. During the years, the modernized T-55 program called ‘Samovar” was cancelled and a heavy APC was built based on the original T-55 hull. The two major modifications that were conducted on the hull were the installation of a powerful modern power pack used for the M107 and M109 Self Propelled Guns, and a massive armour suit that was built around the fighting compartment. The modified heavy APC was the Achzarit Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier (cruel woman). One of the major advantaces in the Achzarit is that the corridor leads from the fighting compartment and outside of the vehicle, aside the engine compartment, the upper part can be strutted with an angle and the lower part can be put down as a ramping door. So, the passengers can easily and comfortably get in and out. The Achzarit was built for carrying the infantry troops in the battle field or during the different security roles along the Israeli international borders.

Production started in 1987, and the first unit of the “Achzarit” new APC entered service with the “Golani” Brigade. Since then, the Achzarit is in a wide service within the Mechanized Infantry Brigades such as the “Golani” and “Givaty” Infantry Brigades. The heavy APC was passing many improvements for other fighting roles like urban or LIC (Low Intensity Conflicts) warfare. More versions were designed and produced as the Command vehicle and Ambulance MEDEVAC. Parts of the Achzarit fleet passed a significant modification of the suspension, where the T-55 original wheels and tracks, were replaced by Centurion wheels and new reinforced tracks, and this version was designated as Achzarit Bet (B). It is believed by the IDF that weapons on an APC are used to protect infantry troops from close attacks when they are out, and tanks are used for fighting against enemy tanks. Therefore, the Achzarit is only equipped with an OWS (Overhead Weapon System) of the 7.62mm MAG machine gun operated from the inside of the vehicle, as well as a 60 mm mortar fired from the roof. The heavy APC is also equipped with a pair of six rounds each smoke grenade launchers fitted in the front of the hull. The regular OWS may be replaced by the new “Katlanit” system. Several types of armored cupola with armored glass windows may be installed on top of the APC. The Achzarit is the cutting edge of the Mechanized Infantry of the IDF, and it saw service during the 2nd Lebanon War in 2006, “Cast Lead operation in 2009 and “Pillar of Defense in 2012, as well as in operation “Protective Edge” in July 2014, on the border with the Gaza strip. The Achzarit heavy APC weighs about 44t. Its length, width and height are about 6.2m,, 3.6m and 2m. It can carry 10 people. The Achzarit is still in wide service in the IDF although replaced in some units by the Namer, a Merkava based heavy APC 1987, 

Name Original Ammo Mig
Gunmetal Grey 70.863 0045
Trans Red 70.934 0099
Trans Blue 70.938  
Red 70.947 0049
Black 70.950 0046
White 71.001 0050
Hemp 71.023 0113
Aluminium 71.062 0194
Black Metallic 71.073 0187